Friday, May 25, 2007

Looks Fantastic - Built From Plastic

As promised here is the next in my exciting series of 'Buildings in Lego'. Behold! The glorious Empire State Building in all it's brick-ridden glory. King Kong (not quite sure if he was built from Lego) can be seen high above waving a flag as you would expect from a large ape.

Oh, and keep an eye out for the mystery guest in this picture - A HUGE animatronic "blink and you'll miss him" T-Rex. First person to find him gets a prize. ;)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Belated Bumblings & Blubbering...

I've just realised that we've recently passed our first anniversary of this blog without any form of celebration. After racking my brain I simply couldn't think of anything completely fitting to do so here's a cheeky little pug waving the best flag in the whole world!

Cheers to everyone who has visited this blog over the past 14 months. I hope that you've been tempted to revisit every now and again and maybe even found inspiration to pop over and sample the delights of New York City for yourself.

I did consider an Oscar(tm) style thank you list but I'll save you the trite sentimental bullshit.

Here's to many more years, and thanks again!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Liberty Lego

I've never really been into Lego. Even as a kid I only ever owned one set - A Police Station, and even that bored the arse off me after a few days. However, I have always been surprised at some of the spectacular things that can be created from a few plastic bricks.

This particularly amazing feat in Lego was taken at Toys R Us in Times Square. It was the first store that I took Mrs H into when we first arrived in New York. The scale is difficult to appreciate in this instance but I can assure you that it was at least 12ft high and I couldn't help but hope that some burly squaddie would run into it at great speed and allow me the cheap thrill of witnessing the resulting structural damage! Maybe they would call on my old chums, the Lego Police to sort it all out! :)

I'll post another Legoised (is that even a word?) landmark later this month.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Phenomena - Enigma...

...A trip to Mars*

Before leaving to go to New York, I was extremely eager to visit one of the city's more unusual restaurants - Mars 2112. This venue seemed to encapsulate many of the things I love - arcades, science fiction and good food. Imagine my distress at not being able to find the bloody place for love nor money! Admittedly, it didn't consume every waking moment as New York has so much to offer, but I was more than a little PO'ed to arrive back in Blighty without having visited...

Two weeks later I was at my sister's house and I happened to visit the fridge for some spam and imagine my surprise at seeing a huge fridge magnet with MARS 2112 glaring back at me! When I quizzed my sister she said that she'd had it for ages from a friend at work who'd recently been to New York!!!