Thursday, May 17, 2007

Liberty Lego

I've never really been into Lego. Even as a kid I only ever owned one set - A Police Station, and even that bored the arse off me after a few days. However, I have always been surprised at some of the spectacular things that can be created from a few plastic bricks.

This particularly amazing feat in Lego was taken at Toys R Us in Times Square. It was the first store that I took Mrs H into when we first arrived in New York. The scale is difficult to appreciate in this instance but I can assure you that it was at least 12ft high and I couldn't help but hope that some burly squaddie would run into it at great speed and allow me the cheap thrill of witnessing the resulting structural damage! Maybe they would call on my old chums, the Lego Police to sort it all out! :)

I'll post another Legoised (is that even a word?) landmark later this month.


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