Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Say Cheese!!

Question: What's the first thing you do upon seeing five armed police officers and a potentially ferocious German Shepherd guarding City Hall?

Do you –

A. Walk on briskly.
B. Keep your distance.
C. Ask them to pose for a photo.

To this very day I am still haunted by the image of Mrs H whipping out her camera to my complete and utter dismay…

Despite my desperate warnings that approaching these officers with a camera would not be the best idea in the world, Mrs H duly continued her crusade and eventually asked the inevitable, “Would you mind if I took your picture?”

I was left standing there in a somewhat embarrassed state as she continued to grill the officers until they finally agreed that she could take a picture but under no circumstances would they look directly at the camera and smile for the privilege.

Anyway, just for you Mrs H, and in honour of those fine gentlemen (and the dog!) here are the fruits of your labour…

I have a particular respect for the two guys on the right who adopt such ridiculous poses to justify their photogenic defiance!


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