Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hack 'N Slash

New York has been the location for a fair share of movie horror in the past. Who can forget the sheer terror of ‘The New York Ripper’, the obscene bloodlust of ‘Maniac’, the shocking contents of ‘Basket Case’, and of course, a visit from the ultimate tourist torturer, Jason Voorhees in ‘Friday 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan’.

With Halloween just around the corner why not join in the fun with the New York City Horror Film Festival. Held on October 18th - 22nd 2006, it’s a chance to indulge your passion for all things gory and grotesque. Visit the website for more details…

And whilst all of you US gore hounds are enjoying the show, I'll be stuck here in the UK with just the Horror Channel to keep me company… Deep joy --- ANOTHER repeat of a dire 50's movie...


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